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The team members behind Cyber Security Solutions are Horacio Maysonet and Thomas S. Williams.
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As Cyber Security experts, our mission is to be the world leader in the cyber security industry...
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Welcome to Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions is the realization of a conversation started 7 years ago, while Horacio Maysonet and Thomas Williams were deployed as network engineers in the US Air Force. During the conversation they discuss how the US Air Force was using a combination of Security Sensors that when combined in the right way, produced the level of protection needed to secure and protect our nation’s military secrets.

The conversation then turned to how Businesses could utilize these strategies instead of investing in expensive tools that provided a fraction of the benefits. As Federal, State, and third-party organizations began to pass more cyber-security regulations, Horacio and Thomas felt the need to help businesses become compliant and secure, the same way they did for the US Military, and at an affordable price. Challenge Accepted!

IBM and the Ponemon Institute conducted an investigation and determined the average breach costs a business $4M. That's an average between small business and the large financial institutions of the world. The important point to understand is that we have increasing news reports of Ransomware, Malware, and Data-Breaches threatening our businesses and personal way of life. We believe that nobody should have to live in fear of technology breaches and IT break-downs in this digital age.

Finding the right IT provider can be a challenge, but your team at Cyber Security Solutions has the expert knowledge, training and credentials to ensure your business stays protected and in compliance for your industry. We encourage you to call us and ask us any questions you may have about IT Services, Cyber Security and Business IT Compliance. We can even help your existing IT teams make sure you're data and networks are secure. Call us today at (813) 336-8175 for a FREE Consultation, or take advantage of our Complementary Network Security Audit.

When You Partner With Us You Get:

  • Up to $15,000 Worth Of Cyber Security Equipment, At No Cost To You!
  • Representation During Audits And We Pay Up To $10 Million In Fines
  • Freedom! No Long Contracts Required, Cancel at ANY Time.
  • All Required Compliance¬†Documentation For Your Industry!

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