10 Things We Do Better

We give you all the equipment you need to be compliant FREE! :

From day one, we enforce our compliance guarantee by providing you with over $15,000 worth of security equipment. We strive to be your partner and provide you with everything you need, we’re not just another I.T. vendor.

Transfer Your Financial Risk To Cyber Security Solutions :

You won’t find another I.T. provider with a guarantee like ours. Since we’re securing your data, we feel we should take responsibility for our actions. We’ll pay up to $10 Million in non-compliance fines if a breach occurs!

We Make Sure You Keep The Keys To Your Castle :

You should never feel trapped! Our month-to month plan has been designed to keep you in control. This allows you to switch providers if you are not satisfied with the work we are doing. Finally, if you choose to leave us, we will offer to meet with your new provider and give them all the documentation and information needed to ensure you stay compliant during the transition.

We Understand HIPAA/HITECH, FIPA, PCI, SOX and Security to Keep You Compliant :

The Cyber Security Solutions team members are compliance experts. They understands the importance of data security and compliance with all government and industry regulations in order to keep you protected. We manage important security patches, e-mail and data encryptions, backups, disaster recovery planning and keep up with important changes in all regulations.

You’ll Get A Live And Local Technician On The Phone When You Call – Guaranteed :

Our industry experts are immediately available by phone for support and consultation. The Cyber Security Solutions Help Desk Service gives you unlimited local, live phone access to experienced and certified technicians and a 1-hour guaranteed response time.

Experienced, Certified, and All-Inclusive :

The Cyber Security Solutions Fixed IT plan includes unlimited access to our team of Microsoft and Cisco Certified technicians who solve problems correctly the first time and save you time and money.

We Manage and Maintain ALL of Your IT Vendor Services :

We organize, maintain, and manage all third party resources and relationships with your other technology vendors so you won’t have to spend YOUR time on hold and troubleshooting IT issues.

We Are Big Enough To Handle Any Computer Project, and Small Enough To Give You The Attention You Deserve :

Our clients tell us that working with friendly, polite, and good-humored engineers is as important as the skills and service they provide. Having frequent communication and close relationships means your entire team will be more productive, and having happy staff will ultimately lead to happy clients.

We Know How to Use Technology to Make Small Businesses More Profitable and Productive :

Most other IT companies don’t have enough experience working with small and mid-size businesses to make the RIGHT recommendations for your business. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars with better suited vendors, software applications and services that saved money and improved productivity.

We Won’t Nickel and Dime You! :

Put an end to paying for problems that weren’t fixed the first time. Sign up with Cyber Security Solutions to receive proactive technology support for a fixed monthly fee. Let us take the risk and manage your computers, servers and other network devices for the same monthly price we promise. On time and on budget – Guaranteed.