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FBI Warning to Reboot Internet Routers

This FBI Warning to reboot internet routers recommends that you take action, which could stop a malware that has infected over 500,000 routers already. This pertains to small business owners and even home internet users.

What To Do

You should take 2 minutes to watch our Fox13 interview on the matter. You’ll learn the dangers, what the malware does, and how to protect yourself. The Cyber Security experts and Law Enforcement are reaching out to help protect you and your family from identity theft.

Fox13 Interview
Fox13 Interview

Help Protect Others

We value your safety and privacy so please share this information with your friends and family. If you have any questions you may reach out to us and we can help you determine if this has affected your business. We are offering a free Risk Assessment to small and medium businesses in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas so take advantage of it. Use it as your first step to knowing your Cyber Security Risk.

You can schedule your free Risk Assessment on our booking calendar or by using our contact us form.