Accountants IT Solutions

What You Need to Know About Accountants IT Solutions

As an accountant you have a very important job that requires a great deal of time, which there never seems to be enough of. Aside from profitable daily duties, there’s government compliances and I.T. issues costing you. Experts that deal with Cyber Security by preventing unauthorized data access and maintaining smooth systems expect at least $70k salary when looking to be hired. More like $82k in the Tampa area.

When you need to do business and make a profit, lowering costs is a tough thing because you know you want the best. Truth is, there wasn’t always a a company offering accountants IT solutions who would guarantee your compliance for a fair low cost. Even though that would just be good business, it was non-existent.

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Cyber Security Solutions
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Cyber Security Solutions
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Cyber Security Solutions
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Complete Compliance for Accountants IT Solutions

By Cyber Security Solutions

All Included Free

All Included Free

$15,000 Worth of Security Equipment

Pay Up To $10 Million in Non-Compliance Fines

Represent You During Audits

24×7 Help Desk

Compliance Guarantee

Business Associate Agreement

Employee Training

Microsoft Office 365

Secure Encrypted E-mail and Chat

What's the Next Step?

The first thing we must do in order to address your concerns is examine your risk. We will need to perform a Compliance Health Check, for free, which will provide us the vulnerabilities that your systems and procedures currently have. We will then explain the Threats that seek your Vulnerabilities and how it affects your office. Your Risk is determined by a complex equation which includes the dollar value of the data your office possesses, the dollar value of potential loss from downtime, vulnerabilities in your systems and processes, and the threats to those vulnerabilities.

Give us a call and allow us to perform our Compliance Health Check, if we find nothing wrong with your systems, procedures, or compliance then we’ll pay you $100 for your time.