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Some of the most popular websites have been found to also be some of the most poorly secured. Over the at least the last four months SamSam has been able to compromise websites using a vast variety of management systems. Among these systems are WordPress, Joomla and SquareSpace. The hack has the ability to destruct your security by causing sites to display authentic looking messages to a targeted audience of visitors. It will then instruct them to install updates for Firefox, Chrome or Flash, dependent upon on the browser they are using.

The attack has been well thought out as the targets are ensured to only be notified of the “update” once and to a single IP address*. Those who do fall for the scam download a malicious JavaScript file from DropBox which then gives fake notifications which appear legitimate therefore not alarming the attacked.

While the exact number of infected websites is yet to be determined, source code search engine, PublicWWW revealed that SquareSpace alone had more than 900 infected sites. Unfortunately, attacks like these have become more popular over the past few years. It is crucial to stay alert when online and make sure to guard your business with cyber security protection at all times.