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Medical Data Protection by Cyber Security Solutions

1. The News:

Our children’s futures are at stake when breaches like this occur. Insurance giant, Anthem, was the target when tens of millions of children’s personal medical data and information was stolen. Many people don’t know that a child is an ideal target for identity thieves as it’s likely that the thievery would go unnoticed for several years. The leaked Social Security Numbers, Date of Births, and Health Care ID numbers are likely being sold on the black market and will be responsible for waves of financial crimes for decades.

2. The Lesson:

Study after study has been conducted and one of the clear constants is that people are not taking Cyber Security serious enough. You should accept the fact that your personally identifiable information is not safe as of this writing. It is far too likely that a place you’ve shopped or a doctor you’ve visited isn’t doing everything they can to protect your records. It’s not even always their fault though, false promises from IT companies have left businesses falsely feeling confident in their security services.

3. What Now?

If you’re a consumer, don’t overlook the letters you receive when your information has been breached. If you’re a doctor, don’t always believe the compliance promises, get a second opinion. It is everyone’s responsibility to raise awareness and protect each other’s personal information and medical data from this ongoing and worsening disaster.