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After the huge Microsoft’s Meltdown CPU vulnerability Microsoft attempted to create a patch for the error resulting in possibly more issues.

The initial flaw found by researchers earlier this year left nearly everyone with a computer tablet or cell phone vulnerable to data theft of some kind. Now, it turns out that already large number may have deeper issues with the new “patch.”

Microsoft was quick to develop several patches to aid the problem however the patches gave hackers the ability to read kernel memory at a speed of Gbps (Gigabits per second). You may be thinking okay what does this mean? Well, the initial vulnerability allowed hackers to read kernel memory at a rate of 120 KBps(Kilobytes per second). What’s the difference? KBps is a far slower speed then Gbps. In fact, 1Gbps is equal to 125,000KBps.

After Swedish security researcher Ulf Frisk discovered the new flaw in the Windows 7 PC meltdown patch Microsoft released an emergency patch for the vulnerability. As well as made aware that only Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 were impacted by this flaw and urged all add-ins and users of the two systems to make the update as soon as possible.