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The Difference Between Data Privacy and Data Security

It is not uncommon for people to confuse data security with data privacy. In reality, these are two completely different concepts. Data security and data privacy are certainly related to one another yet they are distinct in a number of different ways.

Think of a data security policy in the same vein as a car alarm. The alarm protects the vehicle and its contents similar to how a data security policy safeguards data privacy. A business that fails to provide a comprehensive data security policy that protects client data will leave the data vulnerable. Let’s flesh out the definitions of data security and privacy to give readers a better idea as to what these terms really mean.

Data Security
Data security should be thought of as data’s integrity and confidentiality. Data security represents the culmination of efforts made to prevent data from being accessed by improper parties. The purpose of data security extends to safeguarding data accuracy and reliability. Authorized users should be able to access data on-demand. Otherwise, data security is flawed in some manner.

A data security plan encompasses the gathering of specific information, preserving the safety of this information and eliminating information that the organization deems to be unnecessary. Organizations that adhere to such a data security plan are in accordance with the legal responsibilities inherent to holding sensitive data.

Data Privacy
It is best to think of data privacy as the proper use of data. All sorts of organizations, companies, government bodies and sole entrepreneurs are provided with highly sensitive data on a daily basis. If this information is not used in accordance with the purposes determined by both parties, data privacy will be violated. Such a violation can result in a negative outcome beyond the loss of a client. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) applies penalties to businesses that fail to maintain the privacy of client data.

Numerous companies have been entrusted with important data only to turn around and sell or disclose that information without the approval of the party that originally provided the data. This abhorrent behavior is a large part of the reason why data security and privacy have become such hot topics.

How Data Security and Privacy are Connected
A data security policy should always be implemented to ensure full data privacy and the privacy of clients’ consumer data. Data privacy must also be guaranteed as this information is actually quite the valuable asset to the organization. Think of such a data security policy as the path to the intended end point of complete data privacy.

Ensuring that all data is completely private and used in the proper manner is much more difficult than many assume. Ally with Cyber Security Solutions and we will help you maintain a flawless data security policy with monitoring, access point observation and other techniques that ultimately preserve your client relationships.