Business Continuity Planning

Cyber Security Solutions will identify, understand and prioritize the criticality of business processes to reduce risks during a business interruption. Using that information, we implement a plan to keep customer business services available during emergencies or while other supporting services are interrupted. To further support that goal, we develop a disaster recovery & backup and implement rapid restore procedures.

Data Assessment and Analysis

Our technology consultants work with the customer to assess the current use, manipulation and storage of various customer data to determine if any changes to the process are required. This analysis also leads directly into a disaster recovery plan creation and design.

Digital Archiving of Data, Images, Video and Audio

We offer long-term preservation of email files, corporate data, reports, images, log files, video and audio files, or any other digital media that the customer needs to keep for extended periods of time.

Disaster Recovery

We design, document and test a custom disaster recovery plan for each client. Critical data and devices are identified and incorporated into the plan to ensure a rapid recovery from a data loss or service interruption.

High Availability Services

For customers who have business applications with high availability needs, we implement a plan to have mirrored failover systems so that the threat of service interruption is virtually eliminated.

Hot Spare Program

In order to minimize disruption to clients, we provide a service where damaged or faulty equipment can be swapped with a replacement. This hot-spare equipment is placed where needed with an exact copy of the data on the system that it’s replacing.

Identification of Essential Data

Our technology consultants work with the customer to identify and categorize critical data. This information can be used as a starting point in planning and designing a backup strategy.

Monitored Backup Solution

Cyber Security Solutions continually monitors success, failure or errors related to the backup solution that was developed.

Remote Backup Services

Customer data is maintained in both an on-premises as well as a remote data center, ensuring that data is safe and compliant with all regulations.