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Healthcare Industry Beware

A recent threat report released by Cylance, an endpoint security firm, indicated that the healthcare industry is taking the brunt of the storm in regard to ransomware attacks. In the past year alone attacks have tripled with a large portion of that increase being targeted at the healthcare industry.

What’s the cause of the attack increase you may be wondering?

Malware variants, since most companies rely on signatures to detect threats these variations to the typical threats are causing a delay in detection of these attacks.

While ransomware is not new the difference today from years ago is the volume increase in attacks. The increase comes in not only number of attacks but also the speed in which the infection spreads. Another change is the ransom demand is now usually demanded in Bitcoin. Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was forced to pay $17,000 in Bitcoin in 2016.

The healthcare industry had 750 cyber incidents last year alone among those, 536 involved data disclosures.

What can you do?

Cylance recommends that companies implement data back up plans that are scheduled regularly. They also recommend removing remote desktop protocol connections as well as conducting threat assessments annually ( get yours here for free).

A Verizon report advised, “Preventive controls regarding defending against malware installation are of utmost importance. Take steps to minimize the impact that ransomware can have on your network. Our data shows that the most common vectors of malware are via email and malicious websites, so focus your efforts around those factors.”

Whether you are in the healthcare industry or not, taking control of your cybersecurity is more important now than ever before. The demand for this protection will only continue to increase as the years go on.