Managed Security Solutions & Services

Managed Security Services Provided by Cyber Security Solutions

The modern world requires every type of organization to maintain the highest possible network security standards. The failure to adequately protect data can doom Tampa Bay organizations in any type of field, whether it is retail, education, finance, law or another sector. The sad truth is that a surprising number of organizations throughout Tampa Bay are not properly equipped to apply protective measures. Some have devoted too few resources to IT. Others are understaffed or overburdened with responsibilities.

Cyber Security Services to the Rescue

If you have any concern regarding the digital security of your organization, don’t let the problem slide until you suffer a data breach. Our Managed Security Services is exactly what you need to preserve the integrity of your data, prevent digital infiltrations and keep your operation running like a well-oiled machine.Lean on our experts to provide comprehensive network security measures and you’ll have the latest digital safeguards to protect your organization’s systems. Our team’s assistance will free up your company’s resources to tend to primary functions. This is exactly what is necessary to liberate your internal specialists to focus on what they do best.

Managed Security Services

Our Managed Security Services entails a hand-on approach to all digital security matters. We study the nuances of each Tampa Bay client’s network to determine which security solutions are appropriate for their nuanced needs and desires. Examples of our Managed Security Services for Tampa Bay organizations include:

  • Data Loss Prevention
    Data loss prevention pinpoints system threats in real-time. Sensitive information is shielded so it can’t be pulled from the network by an unauthorized user.
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
    SSO empowers a user to connect to several systems with one overarching username/password. We also provide identity management to guarantee that all login data is fully secured and prevent fraudulent logins.
  • SIEM: Security Information and Event Management
    We prevent sensitive information from unauthorized parties. Furthermore, SIEM tracks network activity and analyzes it for shady activity.
  • BYOD Security
    Plenty of workers bring personal devices like tables, laptops and smartphones to work. Our BYOD management service tracks each device that connects to the network to ensure viruses, malware and other threats are not transmitted to the system.

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