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Would you like one year of free identity protection by Experian?

Well, if you were among the 30,000 individuals affected by Florida Medicaid data breach in November you are the lucky winner of a free year of identity protection. While we would all like free identity protection, the offer just does not sound as enticing when given as a result of a data breach.

When did the attack take place?

On November 15, an agency employee fell victim to the attack via a phishing email disguised as one coming from a trusted source. It was not until 5 days later that the agency learned of the attack and took measure to correct it.

What information was compromised?

Extensive review has found that among the compromised info are names, Medicaid ID numbers, dates of birth, diagnoses, medical conditions and even Social Security numbers.

Was I affected?

While the agency claims only about six percent of the people among the 30,000 can be confirmed as having their info accessed, make sure to apply your free identity protection services to monitor any future threats.

What’s the future of Medicaid info security?

New and ongoing training for employees has been implemented and the Healthcare Administration is exploring the best options to protect the agency and its customers from future breaches, but no other specific details have been given.

Source: https://goo.gl/RhvQND