Security for Education Organizations

Cyber Security Solutions for Educational Institutions Throughout Tampa Bay

Universities, schools and learning centers of most varieties have long encouraged the open sharing of information. This harmonious spirit has empowered countless students and teachers to obtain access to helpful educational resources. Unfortunately, collaborative learning in such a manner poses some risk. The free sharing of information exposes educational institutions to cyber attacks. From elementary schools on up to high schools and universities, Tampa Bay schools of all varieties can fall prey to a malicious cyber hacker. In fact, the open network access available on college campuses provides wrongdoers with the opportunity to easily execute digital attacks on other institutions.

Most Tampa Bay Educational Institutions are Woefully Unprepared for a Digital Attack

The vast majority of learning facilities do not dedicate ample resources for cyber security measures. Most have few digital safeguards in place. Consider the fact that college campuses are hotbeds of digital activity. Students, teachers and visitors bring their laptops, tablets and smart phones to campus. If these devices carry malware, viruses and other harmful applications, they have the potential to spread through the network, onto other digital devices and so on.

Cyber Security Solutions’ Digital Protection Measures

We provide extensive managed security solutions for schools at every level. Whether you are in charge of a college, high school, junior high school or elementary school, Cyber Security Solutions can help protect your network and beyond. Here’s how:

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment: We pinpoint digital threats as well as potential sources of trouble before they can wreak havoc. Our digital security experts then develop the best possible plan of attack to wipe the threats from your system.
  • Heightened Security Awareness: The typical Tampa Bay college campus is geared toward ameliorating the learning process. Cyber Security Solutions provides helpful security awareness education for students, staff and faculty. We will inform all parties about digital dangers that lurk, digital protection measures and much more. This is a strong selling point for institutions that require assistance with student, faculty or staff recruitment efforts.
  • Web Application Firewalls: Our firewalls bar access to specific university applications, guarding them against exterior threats.
  • Data Loss Prevention Measures: Our in-depth measures maintain the integrity of sensitive information, preventing wrongdoers from transmitting data outside network.


What's the Next Step?

The first thing we must do in order to address your concerns is examine your risk. We will need to perform a Compliance Health Check, for free, which will provide us the vulnerabilities that your systems and procedures currently have. We will then explain the Threats that seek your Vulnerabilities and how it affects your office. Your Risk is determined by a complex equation which includes the dollar value of the data your office possesses, the dollar value of potential loss from downtime, vulnerabilities in your systems and processes, and the threats to those vulnerabilities.

Give us a call and allow us to perform our Compliance Health Check, if we find nothing wrong with your systems, procedures, or compliance then we’ll pay you $100 for your time.