Antivirus Management

Cyber Security Solutions properly configures and installs all supported antivirus applications on both servers and desktops. Our security services include ongoing maintenance, such as updates to the application, the virus definitions, and any necessary changes to the configuration. Finally, we monitor your anti-virus software vendor’s website and public sites for information on new viruses and destructive programs.


We install, configure, and maintain a top of the line Cisco Firewall to increase security by safely separating your network from the internet while still allowing necessary traffic to get through. Our firewall includes an Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System that ensures a multilayer defensive posture against hackers and malware.

Access Control

Our security services protect against unauthorized access to all of your systems. The systems include desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, servers, data storage, networking devices, Wi-Fi, and even the network ports around your office.

Email Content and Attachment Filtering

We create and enforce email usage policies for inbound and outbound email messages using flexible content filters. These filters can prevent unauthorized dissemination of HIPAA, SSN, Banking, Credit Card, or any other information. In most cases we setup a filter and policy that causes any user who attempts to send any of the filtered information will first have to give a justification. This justification, user’s name, message details, and time and date are all logged for future review or industry compliance.

Encryption Services

Protection of customer information is paramount and we use technology to ensure our security services. We can encrypt any system or device that stores data as well as provide secure encrypted means of accessing data remotely. This is required by law for many businesses.

Security Audits and Analysis

Using a combination of specialized tools and expertise, our security services specialists discover and document the current security state of a customer network and systems, taking into account current hardware, operating systems, applications, policies and configuration. We identify vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses that a customer may be exposed to, and offer a solution to remedy them.

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability assessment scanning is the only proactive way to detect and resolve vulnerabilities and keep attackers out. Our penetration testing will uncover malicious ways that a hacker could gain access to your data.

Policies and Procedures

All data from infrastructure setup, configuration, defense, resiliency, and recovery must be documented alongside any other data required by industry compliance. We provide all necessary documentation, policies, and procedures customized to your business for true industry compliance and peace-of-mind.

Virus Outbreak Management

In the unlikely event of a major outbreak it is important that the response is targeted and coordinated properly. We create a customized emergency response plan for your business to ensure no virus will ever put you out of business. Historically, companies have gone without their critical data until closing due to viruses that held their data ransom. With our plan, you can feel rest assured that you will always be able to bounce back and save money along the way.